Our Services

Hourly editing rate


Editing a podcast per episode

Light editing work (up to 100mins of total audio)- £70

Heavy editing work (up to 100mins of total audio) – £140

Both styles of editing include:

  • Downloading  the files
  • Audio clean up, editing, mixing and mastering [1]
  • Uploading  to a distribution platform of your choice

Revisions are free unless significant new work is identified and will be treated as an hourly editing rate

Podcast polishing setup package

Podcast Polishing setup and first episode – £280

This includes:

  • An initial consultation to identify your equipment and needs for recording.  
  • a scheduled virtual technician session on (video) call for the duration of the setup in order to record the first podcast episode
  • A feedback session to highlight any issues
  • An edited, mixed and mastered podcast (up to 100mins of total audio)
  • Uploaded to distribution platform
  • ID3 tags added


Consultation sessions over video or phone will be charged at £60 per hour with a minimum time block of 15mins, then per minute after that.

Check in’s that I request from you are free in order for me to continue quality control and tackle technical issues from my end.

Additional requests and tasks

Researching or providing knowledge in form of email or document or setting up of tools. (£35 per hour, charged per minute after first 15mins).  The Minimum price £10 for first 15mins, then per minute thereafter at £35 per hour.

Shownotes – available upon request

Audio repair and restoration – depends on complexity of audio, price available on request

Bespoke music composition and production, mixing and mastering – royalty free – ask me for a quote

Recording audio – available upon request

Workshops – available upon request

Appearances on podcasts – It’s for the love of it so ask me and I might say yes

click the quote button and ask me how i can help!


[1] Process typically involves, pre-levelling, noise removal, click removal, editing out unwanted noise artefacts, top and tailing, adding show music, intermissions and ads, mixing the audio stems, removal of problem frequencies and equalising for desirable tone, dynamic range control, mastering to required loudness, and encoding to Mp3