Who We Are

Hi, I’m Ross Winter, founder and chief sound engineer of Podcast Polishing.

How Podcast Polishing was born…

Ross and his baby, the baby is wearing headphones with a look of deep concentration whilst holding a pen over a pad of paper.
Critical listening training session with Daddy

Once I became a dad in 2013, I started listening to a lot of podcasts. I found loads with really fascinating content but became distracted by the variable sound quality and felt it was getting in the way of some really interesting shows. The sound engineer in me could bear it no longer. I wanted to do something about it. So I decided to set up Podcast Polishing and help people by both advising on how to achieve better results and providing post-production services. So here it is, ready to push the envelope and rid the world of poor sounding podcasts. 🙂


Ross has qualifications, a First Class Hons Degree in Creative Music and Sound Technology and a National Diploma in Music Technology. But there’s more..

A crafter of sound, Yorkshire man and techno-bard. Ross has covered a lot of ground in his explorations and adventures. From field recording for experimental river-walking projects to producing electronic music and running a studio.  Ross has traversed many boundaries, geographically, sonically and socially.

Ross now resides in beautiful Galloway, South-west Scotland. Where he has put down roots and set up studio, he works on his own musical creations which can be found on soundcloud.

For more on Ross’ projects thoughts and ideas visit his blog, here