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How we can help you

If you’re making podcasts and want to focus your time on creating amazing content then we can do all the heavy lifting for you. We’ll take away the hassle of all that time consuming technical stuff, so you can just hit record and concentrate on making your listeners happy.

People will turn off bad sounding audio no matter how good the content. We feel losing listeners due to bad sound is a waste, we’ll give your recording a crisp clean professional sound, something your listeners won’t want to turn off.

With 10 years of experience as a sound engineer and technician our professionally qualified founder Ross Winter can offer you a bespoke service unlike any other. His lifelong love of music, fascination with sound and obsession with getting the best results has equipped him with the tools  and skill set for your needs.

What we do

At Podcast polishing we provide pre-production consultation, editing and post production. And if none of that makes sense…

After having a chat about your recording setup and working out best practice. We’ll take your raw recording and trim it, clean it and apply the final shine through our tried and tested audio polishing methods.

We’ll then upload it back to you or your favourite distribution platform, voila!

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Audio Examples


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What people say

Ben Moore-Bridger
Ben Moore-Bridger – Song writer and one half of alt-folk duo, Yucca Candy

“I couldn’t recommend Ross enough. I could never believe that the rough recordings I had made could end up sounding so perfect and professional. Ross managed to produce exactly the sound I had in my mind when envisioning the songs. He worked tirelessly on every detail, and had a real understanding of what I was trying to achieve. Not only that, but his ability to balance the tracks and select exactly what was needed and when made them even better than I could have hoped. He was a real collaborator, and what he was able to do with my raw material was nothing short of miraculous.”

Pilar OrtiPilar Orti – Producer and Host for Future Work Centre Podcast and  21st Century Work Life Podcast

“I have worked with Ross on a number of podcasting projects and can thoroughly recommend him. Great to work with and takes great care.”

Carsten KCarsten Kohnemann – Creator of Berlin techno podcast, Crossing-Alex

“I endorse Ross for Audio, Audio editing and Podcast.

I worked with Ross in the last year several times and his skills and professionality is always standing out. He is always on time with best sound quality and flexibility. Absolutely to be recommended.”

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